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Augmenting Insight, Empowering Influence: Your Social Pulse Elevated with Augmented Intelligence

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Unlock a new era of strategy with our all-in-one social pulse platform, where AI is more than just a buzzword—it's your new best friend.

Heptaloop goes beyond mere marketing; it's about revolutionizing your entire organization's stratergy. By tapping into data from over 100 digital channels and utilizing our in-house emotion AI, we provide insightful analysis on global perceptions of your brand, products, and culture. It's more than just data; it's the voice of digital world.


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Insights Unleashed, Impact Amplified

Dive into the analytics game. Track how your content is doing across platforms and get the real scoop on what's hitting the mark with your audience and what's totally missing it.

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Rock the social scene with next-level listening. Dive into social convos big time to snag fresh, cutting-edge insights about your brand, peeps, industry, and rivals.

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Level up your data game with AI's cool tech magic. Chow down on heaps of data and dish out killer insights to keep your brand way ahead of the game and totally wow your audience.

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Get your analytics game on point straight outta the box! No extra cash needed for those fancy analytics add-ons to snag the deets you want.

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Our Customer Stories

A hospital embraced Heptaloop, transforming healthcare with the power of patient voices from multiple channels. By tuning into patient sentiment, they revolutionized care, leading to a stunning 37% improvement in care satisfaction. This breakthrough showcases the profound impact of truly listening to patients' needs and experiences.

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An online retailer harnessed Heptaloop to tap into customer feedback and sentiment across various platforms. By leveraging these insights, they fine-tuned their product offerings, resulting in a remarkable 28% surge in sales. This success story highlights the power of responsive, data-driven strategies in the e-commerce world.

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Gear up to supercharge your business decisions! Our ultra-smart app mines deep insights from 100+ channels, giving you the real talk from your customers.

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